How to Remove Stains from Suede

Suede is a great alternative to other types of fabrics for a myriad of things, be it purses, clothing, or shoes. However, like any other fabrics, you should take great care of your suede items. This includes knowing how to remove stains from suede as soon as they happen. Treatments used for suede stain removal can vary according to the stain and the type of sued, so you should take heed of the instructions below.

Remove Stains from Suede

Remove Basic Suede Stains

If you find that you need to remove stains from suede shoes, you should begin by dry brushing the affected area using a dry toothbrush or a shoe brush. If you have brushed the affected area in an attempt to remove stains from suede shoes but the stain remains, then the spot should be rubbed with a nail file gently.

Once you have brushed and rubbed the affected area in an attempt to remove stains from suede shoes, you should hold the shoes over a pot of steaming water or tea. If the stains on your suede shoes are make up stains, then you should be able to remove the stain with an old piece of bread, particularly an end piece, rubbed over the area.

After this step, rub the suede gently with a bath towel in order to restore a bit of nap which had been removed through the brushing process. You can then remove the dry marks by gently rubbing the affected areas with a pencil eraser.

As a last resort for things such as suede shoes, you can dampen a clean cloth with a small amount of white vinegar and gently rub the surface of the affected area, then allow it to dry. 

The suede material should be pre-treated with a leather protection spray before you use it. Every two years it is best to have leather and suede materials and garments cleaned professionally. If you end up treating your suede items with white vinegar, a lingering odor might remain.

Remove Dry Suede Stains

If you are removing stains from suede which are dry, you should begin with a soft, clean cloth. This cloth should be gently rubbed against the area which is stained in order to remove any surface stains or any dried part of the stain.

This cloth will be able to restore a bit of the texture to the original nap. If, once this is done, the stain is still there, you should use a pencil eraser to gently rub the stained area.

You can also use an art gum eraser to gently rub at the stain. If, however, this still remains then the next step to removing stains from suede requires that you use a nail file and gently rub the affected area.

After each of the aforementioned steps, it is important that you brush the affected area using a suede brush. This is important because it will restore the nap and leave it smooth.

For each step, whether it is a cloth, an eraser, or a nail file, you should first test a small, inconspicuous area on the inside of the seam to make sure no discoloration takes place before you move on to fixing the entire garment on the outside.

Remove Wet Suede Stains

If the stain is a wet stain, you will want to first draw out as much moisture as possible from the affected area. If the stain is wet, then you should lay a paper towel atop the affected area in order to absorb as much of the liquid as possible.

No stain remover should be applied to suede which has a wet stain. This will greatly interfere with the process of removing stains from suede. Once you have absorbed as much of the liquid as possible it is time to remove stains from suede materials by applying a small amount of pressure with a cloth as you blot out the remaining moisture.

Let the area dry completely and then utilize the same steps as with a dry stain. Use a nail file, eraser, or sand paper to gently rub the affected area until the stain has been removed. After this is done, use a suede brush to restore some of the nap to the suede item.

If solid items remain on your suede, scrap them off with a spoon or something else which has a dull edge. Then mix soap with lukewarm water and ONLY apply the suds to the stained area. Use a dampened cloth which has clean water to rinse the area. Then wipe the area dry and allow it to dry completely after which you should use a suede brush on the area.

If your carpet or furniture is suede and it is stained, an instant carpet spot remover is a helpful place to begin, particularly if you need to remove stains from suede furniture which are quite large. You should, of course, test a small area in an inconspicuous location on your piece of furniture or carpet first to make sure that no damages or discoloration takes place with the chemical cleaner.

If your suede furniture experiences a dirt stain or another minor stain, you can remove stains from suede furniture by rubbing a piece of stale bread on the affected area. This should be done with a piece of bread which has been allowed to dry for a few days so that it is hard enough.

It is beneficial to apply a protective spray to any suede material in order to minimize stains, whether it is furniture, shoes, fabrics, or purses. If you are unsure of what to do for the best suede stain removal, it is best to consult a professional.