How to Remove Period Stains

When you need to know how to remove period stains, you need to know immediately. Waking up in the morning with that feeling is common to all women. It is the feeling that it is that time of the month and you went to sleep unprepared.

This is especially troublesome if you find that your clothing, bedding, and mattress have soaked up the stain overnight.

Knowing how to remove period stains is essential, as it is likely to be needed more than once in your life.


Remove Period Stains

Removing Period Stains from Non-Washable Fibers

When you are removing period stains from non-washable fibers, you should ensure that the material is treated as soon as possible. Once blood stains soak into the fabric it is extremely difficult to remove, and if it is left for too long it can become impossible.

The first step is to sponge the stain with cold water. This step requires that you use light strokes on the material with a dampened sponge. You should begin working from the outside of the stain toward the center for the best results.

If the blood stain is still wet then you should be able to remove period stains using this method and this method alone.

However, if any of the stain remains after this, then you should combine a few drops of ammonia with a wet spotter. If the material which is stained is silk or wool, then avoid this.

Once this is done, cover the affected area with a dampened cloth. The cloth should be dampened with ammonia.

Let this stand as long as necessary to soak up the period stains. If the stain persists, you can replace the pad with another and continue the process.

You should ensure that the pad and the stain both remain wet in order to remove the stain entirely. Once it is done you should flush it with cool water to remove all of the ammonia.

To flush the material you should apply a small amount of stain remover to the stained material to loosen the staining agent from the fibers. This will remove any remaining residue from the stain.

After this, dry the item thoroughly. Be sure to leave it in the sun or hanging in a room instead of immediately placing it in the dryer.

Once you place the stained items in the dryer, any remaining stain or residue will be bound to the fibers of the clothing because of the heat and you will be unable to remove the stain.

Removing Period Stains from Washable Fibers

If you need to remove period stains from washable fibers such as cotton, nylon, polyester, or spandex, it is important to follow these steps.

1. Work immediately to remove the fresh period stains by laundering them as usual in cold water.
2. If the items are still stained after a cold water cycle, then you should soak them.
3. Mix one quart of warm water with one tablespoon of ammonia and one half teaspoon of dishwashing detergent.
4. Place the stained items in the mixture and allow it to sit for fifteen minutes.

Once this is done you should tamp or scrape the stained materials. To tamp it you should bring a brush down on top of fabric with light strokes.

To scrape it, you should use a scraping tool and gently lift any excess stains or caked-stains from the material. As you do this, be sure to occasionally blot the stained material with an absorbent pad dampened with a pre-stain treatment.

You should continue to do this until the stain as been removed. After this, rinse it with water to remove any of the remaining ammonia.

You can dry the materials and launder them as usual once the stain as been completely removed, but be cautious not to place it in the dryer until it is completely removed.